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Get your data centre certified or follow established processes to guarantee the availability and security of your data:

  1. Guarantee the high availability of your infrastructure – There are several certifications available for Data Centres. They are issued by Uptime Institute and certify the high availability of your infrastructure. For example, Tier IV (the highest certification awarded to a Data Centre) stipulates a maximum downtime of 26 minutes per year. 
  2. Ensure the integrity and security of your data – The certification process guarantees that the Data Centre has security measures and physical and virtual control points to ensure the integrity of the data in the face of numerous threats, whether physical (external intrusion, climatic disaster, malicious attacks, etc.) or virtual (cyber attacks, etc.)  
  3. Enhance the reputation of your infrastructure and turn it into a commercial asset – Having your Data Centre certified can help you to strengthen the confidence of your customers and partners. High availability and data security are two essential factors, and having your Data Centre certified can attest to all the precautions and control points implemented by your departments to protect the hosted data. 

They trust us:

  • We assisted a well-known Luxembourg bank with the Tier III certification of its Data Centre. This project was carried out with all of EBRC's Data Centre teams as well as the bank's IT department and resulted in the certification of the infrastructure. 
  • We also assisted another bank with strong roots in the Luxembourg landscape in its process of certifying its activities. Conducted jointly by the various teams, the certification project had to meet a strategic challenge for the bank as well as a critical need to be able to respond rapidly to regulations and compliance requirements. 
  • Our teams also assisted a well-known French bank with the certification process for their Data Centre. Throughout the project, the EBRC teams and the bank’s teams worked in tandem to bring the certification process to a successful conclusion. 

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