EuroCaution fait confiance à EBRC et VMware pour sa croissance
EuroCaution is a newcomer in the European rent deposit insurance business. Although a very young company, they have high ambitions in the insurance sector. Their claim to fame is their unique approach when it comes to rental guarantees. On the one hand, they allow the customer to obtain a guarantee without having to deposit the money. This can be achieved after Atradius Credit Insurance N.V analysis of your application for credit-worthiness. On the other hand, EuroCaution distinguishes itself in the ease of application. You just need to complete the online application form and the seven-step application process is automatically started, and requiring just a few simple actions; everything else is managed by EuroCaution. The ambitious objectives also entailed a double challenge, explains Alessandro Rizzo, Managing Partner at EuroCaution Benelux. First: an insurer using online registration and automatic processing as the foundation of its business model can only be successful if it relies on a highly available and scalable infrastructure. Second: if you are active in the insurance sector in Luxembourg, you need to be compliant with several regulations and extremely high standards, according to the Luxembourg financial regulatory body – the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier). In short: even if you are a rather small financial player like us, you have the same infrastructure requirements as the largest banks or insurer in the country.

Reliable cloud hosting provider needed

In order to meet these stringent criteria, EuroCaution was looking for a reliable cloud hosting provider able to provide the highest availability, security and redundancy required levels, at an affordable cost (pay-as-you-grow model). The high availability was a self-imposed requirement, because of the digital nature of their business. Every minute of downtime is a minute of potentially lost business , comments Manuel Rizzo, Managing Partner at EuroCaution Benelux, so both external and internal requirements were equally high.

Their search led them to EBRC. They were one of the only companies that understood our very specific needs as a small company in a very demanding environment. They offered us all we needed at a very reasonable price, including the scalability required to grow at our own pace, which can be very fast at times , explains Alessandro Rizzo. Whenever we want to expand our platform or to add new software, we don’t have to worry about monitoring and deployment. As we have no internal IT specialists, we need fully reliable and easy-to-use solutions. EBRC was the only Trusted party to offer such guarantees.

VMware Cloud Infrastructure key to success

EBRC, EuroCaution selected cloud hosting provider, would not have been able to meet those requirements (high availability and scalability at an affordable cost) without a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use platform based on VMware Cloud Infrastructure. We provide EuroCaution with an infrastructure that meets their requirements in a pay-as-you use model , explains Jean Mottet, Business Consultant at EBRC. This would not have been possible without the VMware Cloud environment, which enables us to manage all VMware tools and to add the needed hardware and functionalities. It also enables our redundant inter-site set-up, which in turn allows high availability and disaster recovery solutions. The scalability has proven to be necessary: after just a few months, EuroCaution expanded its infrastructure for the first time.

EuroCaution had a double challenge. This newcomer in the Luxembourg insurance market had to meet the very stringent requirements from the Luxembourg government and financial and insurance supervision bodies, and they had to rely on a high availability environment, as their business processes - starting with the registration - were mostly digital. But this young company had limited budgets and could not afford a high availability environment of their own.


EuroCaution turned to EBRC, a reliable and very flexible hosting partner, which could meet all requirements around high availability, redundancy, security and scalability that EuroCaution was looking for. They offer this at an affordable, pay-as-you-grow cost model, mostly thanks to the VMware Cloud environment, which caters for an easy-to-use, secure, reliable and scalable cloud offering.


EuroCaution has been able to grow even faster than expected and experienced no obstacles on their growth path, nor did the customers experience any problems in signing up or following through the application process. Their success was crowned when they received the DECAVI Insurance Trophy for Innovation, acknowledging their innovative business model and their ability to offer a robust infrastructure that could support this business model.

About EuroCaution

EuroCaution is a privately-owned Luxembourg an underwriter accredited to operate as an insurance broker in their home country as well as in Belgium and The Netherlands. Their business of taking over your rental guarantee without you having to pay a deposit relies on their close collaboration with Atradius Credit Insurance N.V, one of the largest credit insurance company which performs audits for the customers’ creditworthiness.

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