EBRC handles and adapts the entire IT infrastructure for KNEIP according to its actual needs.

23 years ago, KNEIP mostly juggled with impressive amounts of paper. The company founded by Bob Kneip has always responded to the needs of the investment funds industry.

Profile :

  •  Communication company for the investment fund industry
  • Development of a new department (new legislation in terms of investment funds)

Challenge :

  • Set up of a redundant location to house the IT infrastructures
  • Build a Disaster Recovery Plan that can be deploy in a very short amount of time
  • Set up of the service by the end of 2012

Solutions :

  • Set up of 3 temporary racks (that will be used in case of emergency) and an emergency IT room of 27m²
  • Integration of a unique and adapted managed services only dedicated to this project

Benefits :

  • The whole project has been managed as a One-Stop-Shop
  • KNEIP benefits from the flexibility provided by the EBRC team (project management and customisation of the services)
  • EBRC team was proactive and had a real vision on the product delivered by KNEIP