COMO Global

Created in 2014, COMO Global is the first automated end-to-end payment solution worldwide.

The company is designed to address specific clients’ objectives in automating payments processing and significantly optimizing related costs. COMO is value-focused trying to continuously improve the value of its services by identifying opportunities to innovate, improve efficiency and avoid waste.

COMO Global is powered by EBRC


  • What challenge(s) do you address?

We, as users or customers, only experience and see the front end of payments. The other side, meaning the back-end of processing a payment, is lagging behind. Current payment systems are slow, highly complex and expensive as well as open to human errors as they are in many cases still managed manually. Moreover, payment providers are not connected to each other, which adds friction, risk and costs, making reconciliation and reporting difficult. In addition, merchants cannot select different payment providers for individual transactions, making it difficult to balance risk and address local and global needs. COMO has created a platform that helps many companies to solve their problems associated with payment processing.

  • What situation do you solve for your clients?

In a digital economy that knows no borders, payment management can quickly become complicated. This results in additional costs for a company and can be one of the key barrier for its further development. Thanks to COMO, clients are able to rapidly and easily treat with their payment processing.


  • What is/are your Solution(s) to solve your clients’ situation?

COMO has developed four key products:

  1. COMO SYNCHRO: automates a merchant’s payment process from beginning to end, including billing, settlement statements, refund handling, proactive chargeback handling, reports to all involved stakeholders, self-billing for supply chain and synchronization of receivables and payables on a transaction level;
  2. COMO ONE: the platform is automatically routing transactions to the next best gateway or acquirer in the Alliance and supports local payments in more than 51 countries to support over 400 leading local payment methods;
  3. COMO IQ: self-service portals and web based information dashboards for clients and partners;
  4. COMO Decision Maker: the largest API development marketplace for merchants.
  •  What is its innovative nature?

By disrupting the payments processing world, COMO is transforming the way companies are looking at organizing their finance function.

  • What are its advantages?

A full automation of payments processing, thus optimizing time and cost savings.

  • What are its performances?

COMO has successfully designed and launched the products that help large companies to fully automate payments processing.


  • How do your clients benefit from your Solution?

COMO solutions help its clients to cut finance costs by up to 60% via reducing payments processing costs by 80% and invoice processing time to 5 seconds. Automation of payment processing can resolve most of the related issues, such as:
-    Managing payments has become increasingly complex for merchants
-    Cost of invoicing remains too high at an average of 15 EUR per invoice
-    Consumers expect digital payments to be faster, easier to use and personalized
-    Regulators across the markets are easing the entry barriers for “non-banks” to enter financial sector
-    Technology innovation keeps disrupting a highly regulated banking industry

Moreover, COMO solutions include payment routing optimization, end-to-end transaction lifecycle management, fraud handling and tokenization, consolidation (and standardized reporting) and advanced analytics. In addition, they provide partner/supplier account management, transaction level reporting, machine learning and analytics of multiple sources of data.

  • What type of EBRC services do you use?

EBRC is providing the service locally with the fast connection of a worldwide cloud service provider. COMO uses the virtual and physical hosting capabilities of EBRC and has set-up a contract for managed services and hosting services.

  • Why did you choose EBRC?

COMO has entrusted EBRC with the operational management of its systems because COMO has found a technical partner in Luxembourg that meets its requirements. Managing its platform requires addressing critical information, security and availability issues. EBRC, with its PCI DSS certification, also allows managing card payment data.