Finance & FinTech innovation 2025: hybridization designs the future of the finance industry

Finance & FinTechs innovation 2025

Whether we look at society, people or businesses, we were never more connected than today. Digital transformation reached new heights in the last years, not so much because of technological advancements but as result of change driven by a behavioural and cultural shift ignited by COVID-19. COVID-19 has disconnected people physically but humanity has found solutions against solitude through digital innovations. This new type of digital  relationship is no different for financial services and the way banks interact with their clients, moving now towards a full set of digitalised solutions.

EBRC and The Banking Scene joined forces to interview key stakeholders from Luxembourg’s FinTech and banking industry. They shared their opinions on the current and future state of FinTech and financial services and how these two will interact in the future.

These experts’ insights provide a better understanding of how financial services may
evolve over the years and what differentiates the winners from the rest.