“Excellence in Cloud Service Award with local impact” And the winner is... EBRC!

Excellence in Cloud Service Awards with local impact

EBRC - European Business Reliance Centre - won the ‘Excellence in Cloud Service Award with local impact’. A panel of 21 independent judges from various European countries and areas of activities rewarded EBRC’s unconditional commitment, genuine inspiration, innovation and excellence.


EBRC, the Luxembourg leader in Data Centre, Cloud and Managed Services, was proud to accept the award at The Datacloud Awards gala dinner and ceremony in Monte Carlo.

For its 2018 edition, Datacloud Europe was held from June 12-14th where investors, financiers, business leaders and enterprise customers met amid the stunning Mediterranean backdrop.

For decades, the Luxembourg economy has been organised around Finance, Government, and Institutional markets, which require top-level security, privacy, integrity & regulatory providers and infrastructure. This local financial sector has shaped the service offerings of EBRC by integrating the security component by design. At the heart of the digital economy, EBRC is perfectly positioned to meet the expectations of customers demanding the highest guarantees of availability, security and protection of their sensitive data. Today, EBRC aims at going a step further by introducing cyber-resilience services to respond to the cybernetic threats.

As a full-service player active in the entire IT value chain, EBRC confirms its ability to prevail on the international market with a strategy focusing on differentiation through a client business enabler perspective of  excellence and innovation.

“This distinction is crucial for the European visibility we want to give to our services, a unique one-stop-shop for Trusted IT Services. We thank all our national and international clients and members of the jury. Digital needs trust. Therefore, we have focused our strategy on data protection and cyber-resilience. Our objective is to build together, with our partners and our clients a strong Trusted Digital Centre based on European values”, says Yves Reding, EBRC CEO.