Cyber stories by Cyberforce: Protecting endpoints in the age of telework

Cyber stories by Cyberforce: Protecting endpoints in the age of telework

Cyber Stories by Cyberforce:
Dive into the Cybersecurity world with inspiring business stories

After the successful first edition of the POST & EBRC webinars series during the Cybersecurity Days 2020, a second edition will take place from 18th to 22nd October 2021, as a hybrid event.

Practical information
18.10.2021 - 16:00

This year again, POST & EBRC have crafted 4 webinars with a panel of experts and C-levels to dive into the Cybersecurity World with 4 inspiring business stories.

Our clients & experts’ team will relate their business stories around cybersecurity topics sharing best practices and lessons learned. The respective client companies will also be present to share their experiences with the audience through inspiring stories.
A closing-event, bringing together all of the participants of the 4 sessions, will take place on 22nd October 2021.

Chapter 1 - “Protecting endpoints in the age of telework” (FR)

With more employees working remotely than ever before, telework poses new unique security challenges for companies. Providing employees remote access to an organization's networks creates multiple vulnerabilities and attack vectors, increasing risk.
Join TEHTRIS and Cyberforce experts to learn critical strategies for securing your remote workforce while keeping pace with the advanced threat landscape.
In this session we will discuss with Alban Rocheteau, Head of SOC at Covéa, the french mutual insurance group company, how XDR/EDR solution can help you achieve true endpoint protection and improve your security posture.

4:00 - Round table discussion with

  • Alban Rocheteau (Head of SOC, Covea) en FR
  • Nicolas Cote (Head of Solutions, TEHTRIS)
  • Basile Mathieu (Head of SOC, POST)

4:30 - Q&A and Open discussion from the audience



Practical information:

These conferences, organized by EBRC & POST, are free, and will be held in English except for the conferences on Monday & Wednesday (in French).  
This session is strictly reserved to end-users, RSSI, Risk manager, CIOs and IT Managers.
Please note that prior registration is mandatory in order to receive a link to connect to the live streaming few days before the conferences.

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