Avaloq collaborates with EBRC and Red Hat to empower private banks with highly personalized investment solutions

Avaloq collaborates with EBRC and Red Hat to empower private banks with highly personalized investment solutions

Avaloq, the Swiss-based wealth-tech leader, rolled out a series of new stand-alone solutions last year. The new innovative platforms are designed to provide stand-alone components which are cost-efficient and modernization that will pave the way for banks to deliver market leading go through the shift of digital transformation. Hosted by EBRC and through a collaboration partnership with Red Hat, the three organizations have built a new architecture allowing their banking customers to better serve their clients. Giving the private banking community an opportunity to stay ahead on the rapid improvements in cloud services, application development and integration.

Laurent Hennico, Account Manager at Red Hat, explains: “This collaboration partnership is a unique opportunity to link three organizations. Avaloq as the financial services and tech provider, EBRC as a data center expert and Red Hat as the enterprise open-source software provider with the goal to be ahead of the digital transformation. Since EBRC already has other customers running on our Red Hat OpenShift platform, they have the knowledge, certification and training already in house. Therefore, hosting the Avaloq platform, based on Red Hat software, was an easier transfer for EBRC. On the other hand, Avaloq experiences an advantage in working on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, as it brings the application to a new, modern way of working through microservices instead of being a monolithic application that’s not adapted to modern standards.”

Red Hat OpenShift meets customer expectations in terms of agility by offering a fully integrated DevOps platform. EBRC was an early adopter of Red Hat OpenShift in the framework of its innovation plan already in 2014. This long-term know-how enables the company to have a fully operational pool of skills, several customers in production and numerous tangible experiences. "We are pleased to announce this collaboration partnership with Red Hat and Avaloq, which offers companies innovative solutions with guarantees to address continuous production challenges, and local support to the DevOps methodology in order to foster greater agility”, said Patrick Luc, Head of Sales at EBRC.

Julie Chu, Sales Manager from Avaloq also highlighted that “The heart of this architectural shift is ACPR (Avaloq Container Platform Reference) which provides a technical standards-based platform developed on open-source technology enabling private banks to focus on improving services, decreasing time to market, and using existing technology investments.” Together with EBRC and Red Hat, Avaloq would like to extend an open invitation to private banks in the region to experience the new digital wealth journey. By scheduling in the demo will give you the chance to experience the digital wealth workflow to enrich your vision on delivering private banking service and to be able to pencil in a visit to the EBRC data center for a grand tour on the hosting environment.

For any additional information or to schedule a demo, please reach out to Julie Chu via julie.chu@avaloq.com.

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About Avaloq is a Swiss-based leader in core banking software, digital banking and digital wealth management. Fast-growing provider of software as a service (SaaS) and business process as a service (BPaaS) solutions for banks and wealth managers. Over 150 clients trust Avaloq with USD 4.5 trillion in assets managed with our software.