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COMO - Payment solution
By EBRC 15/10/2018
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Global digital economy requires payment-processing innovation. This is where COMO Global enters the game.

“In a digital economy that knows no borders, payment management can quickly become complicated. We, as users or customers, only experience and see the front-end of payments. Well, the other side, meaning the back-end of processing a payment, is lagging behind”, explains Angela Nickel, founder and CEO of COMO. Current payment systems are slow, highly complex and expensive as well as open to human errors as they are in many cases still managed manually. This results in additional costs for a company and can be one of the key barrier for its further development.

“We saw the issue and the market niche four years ago and that was when we started to work on creating the appropriate technology and the products. Our idea, in a first place, was to create a platform that would help many companies to solve their problems associated with payment processing”, says Mrs Nickel.

Since its incorporation in 2014 in Luxembourg, COMO Global has successfully designed and launched the products that help large companies to fully automate payments processing and reduce costs of payment processing by up to 60%. Amongst them, here are COMO two main solutions:


Automates a merchant’s or payment service provider’s payment process from start to finish. This includes billing, settlement statements, invoices to merchants/service providers, internal debit notes, refund handling, proactive chargeback handling, reports to all involved stakeholders, self-billing for supply chain, synchronisation of receivables and payables on a transaction level. It highlights automatically missing data, problem events and merchant critical situations (chargebacks).

  • COMO ONE: The Payments Alliance

A payments platform connecting an Alliance of payment providers to each other and to merchants. COMO ONE is automatically routing transactions to the next best gateway or acquirer in the Alliance and supports local payments in more than 51 countries to support over 350 leading local payment methods.

The digitalization rate of the global economy goes in general along with the share of the transactions being processed digitally; both are increasing at an enormous pace. Global B2B transaction volume today is around USD 150 Trillion and is expected to increase to USD 218 Trillion by 2022.

Angela Nickel is further stating: “I am sure you have read the book “From Good to Great” written by Jim Collins. What is the key message that Jim has tried to convey to the readers? PEOPLE come first. It all starts with people, not with idea, nor with money… We are a great team of professionals with beautiful minds. Thinking in the same direction, our interests are fully aligned and the team is working very hard to deliver the best solutions to its clients.”

COMO has a very lean company structure; its business processes reflect the “best practices” of corporate Governance. “We take our responsibility very seriously and our clients interests come always ahead of our owns. We are developing our international presence and keep adding top people from the market, which is not as easy as it seems to be”, says Angela Nickel. “Passion in what we do is very important. Without passion you do not have the energy, and without energy you have nothing. All of our people believe in COMO and this is a key element of success.”

Another key fundamental cornerstone of success in a business is to collaborate with partners sharing you values. “People (and likewise) companies with clear goals and objectives always succeed because they know where they are going!”

COMO has managed to build partnerships with quite a few global leaders, such as Renault Nissan (RCI Bank & Flit Technologies), WorldPay & EBRC. COMO has entrusted EBRC with the operational management of its systems. Angela Nickel explains: "We have found the IT partner in Luxembourg that meets our requirements. Managing a platform like ours requires addressing critical information security and availability issues. EBRC, with its PCI/DSS certification, also allows us to manage card payment data. By relying on EBRC, we can confidently focus our efforts on creating value for our clients and improving our services."

“Being and delivering the best – this is what COMO is. Our NDA is to bring the best minds together to create something which does not yet exist in the market”, Angela Nickel, founder and CEO of COMO.