Hexatrust & EBRC : the pioneers of digital Europe

Jean-Noël de Galzain, Président, Hexatrust
By S. Etienne 15/06/2020
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In June 2019, EBRC joined the Hexatrust association which brings together companies in France and Europe with excellent expertise in cybersecurity and cyber-resilience, and supports the project to create an efficient and secure European trusted cloud. But what is its strategy and how do its proposals match those of EBRC? Explanations with Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO of Hexatrust, and Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC.

Hexatrust is a grouping of about sixty small, medium and large companies offering innovative solutions at all stages of risk management and personal data protection. Active throughout the world, the members bring together more than 2,500 experts, have a total turnover of more than 400 million Euros, are experiencing 19% growth and reinvest nearly 30% of their profits in innovation. The solutions offered include encryption, connected objects, governance, traceability and auditing issues, identity and access management, industrial systems security, messaging security, mobile and web traffic security, transaction security, trusted cloud services (including EBRC Trusted Cloud Europe) and cyber-resilience (EBRC Cyber-Resilience Portal).

A unique know-how in Europe

"All these technological marvels promote the same values: innovation, unity, action, excellence," commented Jean-Noël de Galzain. "Our goal is to bring together the best cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions. The political and economic world must be aware that Europe holds unique know-how and that it is ready to be developed if given the means to do so. From the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, our members immediately made every effort to enable companies to organise themselves in line with the lockdown measures in order to continue operating under the best possible conditions. In this way, we want to demonstrate that our digital industry is essential to support all European economic activity, particularly in the event of a crisis. Our group, with its European partners such as Teletrust in Germany and other associations in Europe, is ready to participate in the post-Coronavirus reconstruction and to contribute to the creation of genuine digital infrastructures capable of preparing the European Union for the massive use of digital technology.”

In line with this desire to work towards cooperation and synergy to better defend the sector’s interests, Hexatrust has set up a one-stop-shop with added value: Hexatrust Distribution. "Its role is to pool the catalogue of offers of our various members in order to provide it to public and private organizations wishing to equip themselves with sovereign and trusted solutions in the field of cybersecurity and cloud computing", Jean-Noël de Galzain continued. "This organization enables us to meet three requirements: centralizing, optimizing and purchasing. A single point of contact enables customers to take advantage of a privileged communication channel, and also offers each publisher personalised and centralised support with regard to all commercial and technical information. They are supported by a team of experts offering the most optimal combination of solutions to meet a wide variety of needs. They ease their purchasing procedures via a single point of contact.”

Building bridges between the various associations

Hexatrust's policy of openness and its willingness to work with others to build a strong and credible European digital industry immediately appealed to EBRC, as its CEO, Yves Reding, explained. "We have been promoting European values for a long time. The "E" in "EBRC" stands for "European"! Our strategy has always been to promote a digital Europe, cyber-resilience and trust in the cloud. We also have a strong presence in France through our subsidiary Digora, which has some 140 employees, including around 20 in Morocco, and has a presence in all major French cities. We also have our own clients and strategic partners under the aegis of EBRC, in particular IT security software publisher WALLIX, of which Jean-Noël is the CEO. We also have a strategic partnership with EGERIE, a software publisher specialized in the analysis and integrated management of cyber-risks, and also a member of Hexatrust. Beyond the relationship of trust that has gradually been established over the years between EBRC and WALLIX, we realized that we had common values and a common strategy and it was quite natural for EBRC to join Hexatrust. Together, we are reflecting on what can be done to ensure market confidence in European digital services.”

"Our role within the grouping is also to liaise with other similar associations in other European countries. At EBRC, we believe that it is by building bridges between the different associations, both local and European, that a digital Europe can be built. The European Union may, in some ways, seem like a Tower of Babel, but we have a long, shared history and a common view of the world; it is our different cultures, languages and countries that make it so open to the world and so enriching. In Europe, real discussions are possible and such discussions can only help us grow”.