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EBRC Tier IV Facility Constructed Data Centers in Kayl
By EBRC 31/05/2018
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The European Union has decided to establish the free circulation of data as the 5th fundamental freedom, after the free movement of goods, capital, services and people. EBRC, with the world’s highest quality Data Centres and as a pioneer in cyber-resilience, has a significant head-start in the field of data management which enables it to position itself among the best European stakeholders.

Created in 2000, EBRC - European Business Reliance Centre – provides IT environments guaranteeing data confidentiality and security. Located at the heart of Europe, in Luxembourg, EBRC offers 17,000 m2 of IT rooms, thus providing access to 80% of the European GDP within a radius of less than 500 km. An essential asset for businesses wishing to establish themselves or to develop their business in Europe.

A key European stakeholder

A quintessentially European member, Luxembourg is a stable country which has set itself the strategic objective of developing the digital economy. The Grand Duchy offers to digital businesses many advantages and facilities, such as: the reversibility of data enshrined in the law in the event of the hosting provider failure; as well as an excellent network infrastructure with ultra-low latency, a complete ecosystem and a concentration of IT skills.

Luxembourg is also the world’s second largest fund management market after New York, which has structured the country’s economy, culture and the resources necessary for the digital industry. Jean-François Hugon, EBRC Head of Marketing said: “Luxembourg rhymes with quality, confidentiality and trust. EBRC has repeatedly received international awards for the quality of its services and solutions.”

EBRC delivers trust-based ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) services and a secure infrastructure for hosting and protecting its customers’ data.

A service offering organised around six offers:

EBRC added value lies in the trust and resilience developed for its clients. In other words, the IT service provider goes further by integrating its ability to keep up with potential disruptions of the digital ecosystem, and makes it possible to continuously adapt to the trends and requirements of the IT market via its “sales life cycle” approach. EBRC combines Security and Flexibility – the two inseparable sides of the same coin – to take full advantage of the potential offered by the digital world.

The watchwords: Quality and Security

EBRC was one of the very first businesses to obtain “fault tolerant” Tier IV certification for three of its Data Centres. Delivered by the Uptime Institute, the certification is granted on the basis of plan audits, visits and tests conducted on the sites. The certification guarantees the highest level of security, integrity and availability while certifying that all resources have been implemented to be able to warranty a maximum unavailability of 26 cumulative minutes of downtime per year! Actually, EBRC’s services have not been interrupted since 2000.

A minimum of seven physical check points restrict access to the IT room equipment. Each room has its own access control combining various techniques, including biometrics. The technical infrastructure equipment (cooling cabinets) are placed in a separate location from the IT rooms in order to limit maintenance teams’ access to sensitive areas, and each Data Centre has its own dedicated security PC. A real digital fortress. The security of the Data Centres also requires the fastest possible detection of fires through continuous air quality analyses aimed at identifying the slightest micro-particle indicating the onset of combustion. This makes it possible to contain the spread of a potentially significant disaster. In addition, the principle of redundancy implemented ensures that each IT room has two separate power supply lines.

These infrastructures meet the security, availability, power and connectivity standards established by the Uptime Institute. In 2013 and 2015, EBRC’s Data Centres were deemed compliant by the Uptime Institute. As such, they are considered able to detect, isolate and remedy a system failure without impacting the power supply or the cooling process.

In total, EBRC has over 70 international certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 20000, PCI DSS, etc.) and awards which constitute guarantees providing an international customer base with assurance regarding the quality of the services on offer.

An ethical and eco-responsible business

EBRC Data Centres use 100% green electricity and were designed to meet eco-efficient standards enabling to limit their energy consumption and therefore their carbon footprint on the environment. Various advanced technologies make this possible: Kyoto wheels, racks with ducts conducting the cooling air in order to optimise energy efficiency; optimised “free cooling” using water-spray; purchase of eco-responsible electricity; use of rainwater to spray the cooling towers, etc. Thanks to this integrated approach to control its impact on the environment, EBRC reduces the carbon dioxide emissions of its facilities by 10,000 tonnes per year. The European Commission welcomed this effort and ecological commitment twice with the “European Code of Conduct Award for Data Centres”. The IT operator is also a member of the The Green Grid consortium which brings together 501 IT industry stakeholders to work towards the “greening” of the IT network and ICT sector.

“Aware of our social responsibility, we are committed to implementing a sustainable approach in our governance, in social matters, but also by reducing the impact of our business on the environment”, said Bruno Fery, EBRC Head of Data Centre Services. We offer ever more environmentally friendly Data Centres while balancing this commitment with technological performance.

The business offers a forward-thinking approach that takes into account the risks and threats to which are exposed the organisations whose business increasingly depends on digital. A strong advocate of the EARTH values - Excellence, Agility, Responsibility, Trust and Human - EBRC enables its customers to derive the best added value from their stored data in order to serenely focus on their core business.