Electronic identity management: birth of a new Luxembourg-based player

Electronic identity management: birth of a new Luxembourg-based player
By S. Etienne 10/03/2022
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Oxyliom Solutions, an IT company specialising in Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM), reached the status of a reference in its field in just two years and decided to set up its headquarters in Luxembourg.
Domiciled in Luxembourg, this innovative company is experiencing rapid growth in line with its great ambitions.  
Presentation of a company with an atypical profile with its CEO Anwar El Baraka.


Oxyliom, Partenaire Powered by EBRc

OXYLIOM SOLUTIONS, Powered by EBRC partner  

Based in Luxembourg with offices in Casablanca and Dubai, Oxyliom Solutions is one of the few operators in the market to offer a comprehensive platform for all identity and digital trust services for customers. “We believe that information security should be driven and measured in business terms,” explains Anwar El Baraka. “A modern, secure and compliant digital customer experience has become a necessity for many businesses, especially financial institutions. We help organisations implement advanced solutions to streamline business processes, from seamlessly managing customer and employee e-identity to implementing trusted services for electronic transactions.”

Reducing complexity, increasing security

Through the GAÏA Trust Platform, Oxyliom Solutions provides an integrated platform that supports all the different stages of electronic identity management designed to provide a modern and personalised customer experience, particularly in the financial sector. It is also compliant with various regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), eKYC (identification and verification of customer identity), as well as Open Banking: PSD2 (Payment Services Directive).

Anwar El Baraka emphasises, "In concrete terms, we offer a turnkey platform that brings together a combination of offerings, tailored services and a seamless and modern digital experience for our customers. E-identity plays a central role in this digital experience, from identity verification and digital on-boarding of customers, to secure electronic transactions, to e-paper based processes with electronic signatures, etc.

This all-in-one platform represents our main added value compared to our international competitors. Unlike our competitors which offer complex platforms, we have an open architecture that adapts very easily to the needs of our customers and makes their business easier, more secure and more accessible. It is no coincidence that KuppingerCole, a European firm specialising in security and Identity Access Management (IAM), has ranked us among the top ten in our category for 2021.”

International development, Luxembourg roots

Even though Oxyliom Solutions is aiming for international expansion - Africa and the Middle East initially - the company proudly wears its Made in Luxembourg label. “There are several reasons why we chose to locate our headquarters in Luxembourg,” says Anwar El Baraka. “It is a market that I know particularly well, as I have spent most of my professional career there. Moreover, the Luxembourg ecosystem benefits from leading players in the fields of finance, digital trust and hosting of IT solutions. First of all, through the LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology) which believed in the potential of our solutions. We are currently working with LuxTrust, the qualified trust service provider, for the use of qualified electronic signature services, and for our hosting we naturally turned to EBRC: this European company, 100% Luxembourg-based, was one of the only ones to meet our security, redundancy and resilience requirements. Trusted Cloud Europe, its tailor-made cloud offering, allows us to be more responsive and flexible, to adapt to our customers' needs and to have a longer-term vision. We were also convinced by the empathy and understanding of its staff. Personally, what I appreciated about EBRC is that they believed in our project and were very interested in the solutions we proposed from the start. I see them more as true partners ready to commit to the success of our business than as mere suppliers.”   

The cloud to promote access for as many people as possible

Oxyliom Solutions' move to become part of the Luxembourg landscape is not just a simple communication and image operation. It also implies a desire to act as a good corporate citizen and to make its mark on the country's economic landscape. “One of our main objectives has always been to democratise the use of digital identity and trust," emphasises Anwar El Baraka. "In addition to financial institutions, we are also targeting, through our cloud-native solution, other sectors of activity that do not necessarily have the capacity or the will to invest in platforms of this type. This includes public authorities as well as small, medium and large companies in sectors such as telecommunications, education and healthcare. Thanks to our agile and scalable platform combined with EBRC's TrustedCloudEurope cloud services, our customers only pay according to their processing volume needs.”  

The rapid digital transformation taking place in all public and private sectors of activity is based on the use of third-party solutions in a form of business hybridization. In this dynamic context, new players which offer both innovation and security reduce their sales cycle by providing serious guarantees on the control of their value chain. The rapid success of Oxyliom Solutions lies in the uniqueness of its offer and the choice of its partners, which together contribute to the quality of the services offered.

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