EBRC Data Center Services win “Excellence in Regional Data Centre– Europe Award 2021”

Excellence in Regional Data Centre– Europe Award 2021
By EBRC 01/06/2021
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The results of the Datacloud Global Awards 2021 have been revealed and we are delighted to announce that we have been rewarded with the “Excellence in regional Data Centre – Europe Award 2021”. The jury has praised EBRC’s strategy and lead by example. Focus on Trust and high-level Security and Quality standards, allows the company to become an international renowned partner, as well as a facilitator for up and coming businesses in need of robust IT services.

Jean-François Hugon, Head of Marketing, EBRC tells us more about the approach adopted by EBRC.

“Nowadays, EBRC provides a full range of Trusted, Innovative and Standardized IT services relying on two strategic initiatives. First, we adopted the pledge of Trust at the international level, which has become the foundation of our Cyber-Resilience strategy. Also, we developed and invested in the creation of a portfolio of fully integrated IT services adding value for our clients,” starts Jean-François Hugon.

“We are honored to have been listed along many companies at the Datacloud Awards, this rewards the strategy we have been promoted for more than 20 years. For EBRC, Cyber-Resilience is more than a notion, it has been placed at the heart of our company’s activities and has become part of our culture.”  
Generating Trust and promoting Cyber-Resilience through high quality IT service management
Dealing with clients evolving in sectors that are heavily regulated – namely Finance, Healthcare, or Space, just to name a few –, EBRC has adopted a strategy which consists in thriving on regulation by actually leveraging it. While complying with regulation is obviously mandatory, pushing the concept further allowed the IT company, which specializes in managing sensitive information, to differentiate itself in the market. It notably complies with GDPR, NIS, and supervisory authorities just like the CSSF or HDS in France. “Moreover, the management of the company started a certification process strategy which indicates right from the start that, EBRC, as a service provider, follows several international standards. Today, EBRC counts more than 70 certifications and awards, notably dealing with risk management and business resilience – ISO 31000, ISO 27032, etc. – as well as with security – ISO 27001, ISO 22301., Tier IV, PCI DSS, etc.” adds the Marketing expert. EBRC also advocates and integrates the “Security and Privacy by design” concepts, from the very first steps of infrastructure design, ranging from anti-DDoS and e-mail security to DevSecOps and sandboxing.

Also, EBRC is a Day 1 Member of the European initiative GAIA-X. “Along with 3DS OUTSCALE, CS GROUP, and RHEA Group, we joined forces to develop new Trusted Services for the fast growing and sensitive “Space” industry, following and thereby stimulating the European GAIA-X initiative,” comments Jean-François Hugon. The company’s key elements of Trust and Security are regularly shared internally as awareness is continuously raised, with employees and stakeholders being trained and informed about the concept cyber-resilience which has gained sudden popularity in the last 16 months, in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

A portfolio of integrated Data Center and IT services

EBRC was among the first in the world to own and run three Data Centers Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute, representing 15,000 m² of server space and meeting the highest standards of security, availability, power and connectivity. This renowned and recognized Tier IV certification ensures an availability by 99.995 %. “As a result, in two decades, EBRC Trusted Data Centre Services never experienced any service interruption,” highlights Bruno Fery, the Head of Data Centre Services.
In addition to hosting services, EBRC now offers added value solutions covering the entire value chain. The “Trusted Advisory Services” consists in providing support and advice to control ICT risks through governance, risk and compliance, business continuity management, vulnerability tests and management, penetration tests and forensic services. Its “Trusted Managed Services” provide reliable, powerful and secure IT management through outsourcing. Through “Trusted Cloud Europe”. EBRC provides cloud solutions. “Its three deployment models (Private, Public and Hybrid) are a unique lever for business development and meet the strictest regulatory requirements,” underlines Jean-François Hugon. Security being a crucial part of EBRC’s DNA, the “Trusted Security Europe” focuses on IT security services, through advisory and security management. Finally, the company’s “Trusted Resilience Services” consist in designing and implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans within resilient infrastructures.

Aiming for excellence

EBRC is headquartered at the heart of Europe and Luxembourg, major seat of European Union Institutions, offers many business advantages such as an ideal geographical location, spatial and defense business orientation (NATO Support and Procurement Agency, SES Luxembourg Space Agency, etc.) a recognized financial place based on historical knowledge of the sector.
Moreover, EBRC has aligned its services with international certifications, which are regularly reviewed by independent auditors in order to serve industries requiring high-level services in a regulated framework. “We were one of the very first companies in the world to pass the “fault tolerant” Tier IV Design certification for three of our Data Centers. EBRC’s engineers have developed a strong know-how, most of them being accredited Tier Specialists and Designers by the Uptime Institute,” adds Bruno Fery.

Thanks to its knowledge and experienced professionals, EBRC guarantees the successful delivery of turnkey IT projects: “we advise, design, build, operate and maintain IT infrastructures, thanks to 340 IT experts, our subsidiary DIGORA based in France and our six IT business lines including security services with a SOC and a CERT, business continuity services and advisory services”. Furthermore, thanks to the certification strategy described earlier, EBRC was able to obtain NATO and ESA clearances, as well as develop a robust value proposition on Cyber-Resilience, integrated in all EBRC Trusted IT Services. Finally, the CSR aspect is tackled within the company through several initiatives: EBRC ensures the sustainable development of its business, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, and acts to ensure cohesion with local communities and the public authorities.

Since its creation back in 2000, EBRC has been promoting quality, availability, as well as security, and therefore constantly measures client satisfaction. Meeting the clients’ standards – and even exceeding them – has been a key element of the company’s DNA. This strategy has proved to be successful and now allows EBRC to work with International Institutions and Operators of Essential Services as well as companies in various sectors like Finance, Fintech and RegTech, Health and Life Sciences, Public, Security, Defence, Space and Online Services.