Data security, a major challenge for hosting companies

Jean-François Hugon, Head of Marketing, EBRC
By Jean-François Hugon 19/03/2020
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IT security has undeniably become a key issue and will remain one for the years to come. Not a single week goes by without new scandalous revelations surrounding hacked infrastructure or data. In addition, significant technological changes are brought by an increase in the outsourcing of IT systems and applications to Data Centres.

Security requirements and good data governance

This Century is the one of data governance. The implementation of the GDPR in 2018 is an excellent illustration, and Data Centres hosting data for their clients have to comply with it. They are responsible for the proper management of these data and thus need to be extremely careful in their application of the law if they are to avoid sanctions. This is a real focal point for all professionals in this sector. So be prepared for that fateful day.

Data Center protected against massive DDOS attacks with protective measures

The other burden affecting hosting companies is the increase in distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) that paralyse applications and IT systems and can shut down entire operations. To see how severe their impact can be, just imagine an e-commerce website being down during the sales period, or the unavailability of a banking or public service website. Such an event can have a considerable impact on the company and greatly damage its reputation. Data Centres have to actively guard against such attacks, develop backup solutions and ensure a high availability of their services at any moment.

Offering Cloud clients the best protection

The migration of businesses towards cloud technologies is a trend that requires rethinking old patterns. As key players in this transformation, Data Centres need to support this accelerating revolution to bring about a new era. In order to make this migration feasible for stakeholders in sensitive areas, security has to be a central topic. Only appropriate governance can respond to the concerns of these companies and thereby enable the massive adoption of cloud computing , along with all of its tangible benefits: cost, deployment...

Store your data in a secure location

It is therefore obvious that security is an important vector for the perpetual development of Data Centres, which have to continue investing strategically to create secure, resilient and high-performance hosting space. This mission involves taking into account and mapping all the potential threats, designating CISOs dedicated to the implementation of these projects, deploying industrial systems, adopting certifications (like ISO 22301 for business continuity management) and ensuring constant communication with the clients to raise awareness about the steps that have been taken. If those matters are properly taken care of, the promises of Data Centres (with Tier IV certification) can be fully realised.