Oracle Technology and Cloud Specialized Partner of the Year - EBRC - 2016
National Award
Oracle Excellence Award Luxembourg

Technology and PaaS Specialized Partner of the Year - 2016

Oracle Luxembourg has awarded EBRC the title of Cloud Technology Partner of the year. This title crowns a particularly fruitful year for EBRC on the technological platforms of Oracle, specifically those enabling the deployment of database and cloud services.

As specialist in the management of sensitive information and high performance infrastructure, EBRC has assembled a unique expertise. The company can therefore meet the challenges its clients face around the technologies offered by the Californian software company. It fully corresponds to the unique and certified offering of EBRC, it's Trusted Cloud Europe.

"We received the award ‘Technology and Cloud Specialized Partner of the Year’ in the name of our Oracle clients, explained Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC. This title confirms our role as the partner of choice in Luxembourg for the the N°1 database technology in the world. We will accelerate the development of this dynamic relationship for the immediate benefit of our clients, whose critical operations rely on Oracle platforms."