Data Center Facilities Management EMEA, Uptime Institute BRILL Awards, 2015
International Award
Brill Awards for Efficient IT

Data Center Facilities Management, category EMEA - 2015

In 2014, the “Uptime Institute Brill Awards” was introduced as an expansion of the successful “Green Enterprise IT Awards” (GEIT). The “GEIT Awards” program was conceived in 2008 by Ken Brill, the Uptime Institute’s founder, to recognize and promote IT efficiency in the Data Centre industry.

Named in his honor, the “Brill Awards” program shares a similar mission: honoring significant innovation in IT and Data Centre energy efficiency, and sharing this knowledge for the benefit of the whole industry. Uptime Institute grants “Brill Awards for Efficient IT” to companies that significantly improve energy productivity and resource used in IT.

The program recognizes efficiency in the broadest sense of the word: efficiency of capital deployment, technology, design, operations and overall management.