Best Case with Trusted Cloud Factory, eco Internet Awards, 2013
International Award
eco Internet Awards

Automotive category - 2013

ebrc, the Luxembourg leader in highly secured integrated ICT services – “Data Centres Services”, “Managed Services” and “Cloud Services” – once again stands out by being rewarded by eco, the association of the German Internet Industry. Close to 400 guests attended the gala inspiring them visionary ideas and enabling them to make valuable business contacts.

The jury recognised the quality of the case presented by ebrc: CiteeCar, an innovative European car-sharing application: " Thanks to ebrc TrustedCloudFactory, build in partnership with InTech, a highly secure cloud computing solution, ICT meets Germany favourite child: the car. Within a very short time, an innovative overall concept had been developed and revolutionised the carsharing market – and which convinced the eco specialist jury.

The process went from development, through testing to deployment within a matter of weeks. CiteeCar obtained an individual and reliable IT basis on which the company can build its future." This first German recognition reinforces the unique position of ebrc and demonstrates Luxembourg position as an excellence Centre in Europe, as far as the supply chain management of sensitive or highly strategic information is concerned