Virtual Data Center

Resilience is part of the EBRC genome: it has been transposed from the Data Center world into the Cloud concept.

IaaS by EBRC

EBRC Trusted Cloud is built to ensure the security and the integrity of hosted data: it is intended to enterprises having to manage sensitive data or critical business IT systems.
We run the entire stack of the solution, from the Data Center until the hypervisor layer. Having a single integrator managing its IT infrastructure ensures EBRC Clients to keep an effective control on their IT systems.

For security and redundancy reasons, the equipments are hosted in two EBRC Luxembourg Tier IV certified Data Centers.

To match the different Client’s expectations and/or compliance needs, EBRC provide IaaS resources in 3 different architectures:

One VDC (Virtual Data Center) running in one Data Center: this is the easiest way of using IaaS resources.


Two VDC spread onto 2 different Tier IV Data Centers. EBRC dual site architecture allows the Client to use an active-active design, with cloud resources spread onto two different Tier IV Data Center which are 18 kilometers away from each other. The resources are synchronized through Internet or through an optional EBRC Interlink allowing an optimal throughput control. 

IaaS by EBRC

One active protected VDC: in case of disaster, this active-passive design ensures the recovery of the active VDC on a second Tier IV Data Center.
Using protected storage allows replicating data synchronously to this remote Data Center. When a Disaster Recovery procedure is triggered, the resources on stand-by are activated in order to use the replicated data to keep the Client’s business running.

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