Trusted Backup and Recovery Services

Data remain the life force of any company

Key benefits

  • No CAPEX and costs under control- "Pay as you use" model
  • Scalable solution following your development
  • Centralised and automated backup scheduling
  • Possibility of immediate restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Encrypted data securely and immediately sent to remote storage
  • Broad platform support
  • Reliable and secured offsite storage in  Tier IV Data Centers
  • Local technical service contact
  • Granular recovery methods
  • Regulatory compliance

Losing critical data means a waste of time, of money and has a negative impact on your company’s reputation

Based on advanced technology, TBRS efficiently protects information systems that are constantly growing and geographically scattered.
With TBRS, you will be able to meet any business and regulatory constraints related to data availability and restore.  

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A proven, Trusted Backup and Recovery Solution to protect mission-critical data

EBRC Trusted Backup & Restore Services are customised according to your business requirements and use advanced secured technologies

Backup and Restore can be carried out, monitored and kept offsite in secured IT rooms housed in EBRC  Tier IV certified Data Centers.
TBRS is a fully automated service and a unique alternative to traditional backup methods.
It provides centralised and automated backup of computers and file servers as well as hot backup of application/database servers with secure offsite storage and immediate online restore.

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