Professional of the Financial Sector (PFS) 

EBRC meets the CSSF regulations

Since 1993, the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) has been ensuring that the regulations regarding the financial sector are enforced and observed. 

In 2003, the CSSF extended its supervisory role to service providers and created the PFS support status which is now compulsery for any company offering outsourcing services to a financial institution. 

To obtain this status, service providers have to demonstrate their expertise in providing support services and fulfilling report requirements defined by the CSSF.

These requirements apply to any Luxembourg based company or institution, no matter the regulation under which it has been established.


EBRC PFS (Professional of the Financial Sector) scope

  • Client communication agent (art. 29-1)
  • Civil servant of the financial sector (art. 29-2)
  • Operator of primary computer systems of the financial sector (art. 29-3)
  • Operator of secondary computer systems and networks of communication of the financial sector (art. 29-4)

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