Business sectors benefiting from EBRC TrustedManagedServices

Banking & Finance


Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund centre in the world, the first captive reinsurance market in the European Union as well as the first private banking centre in the Eurozone
Any financial activities in Luxembourg are supervised by the "Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier" ( CSSF) who grants the status of Professional of the Financial Sector (PFS), not only to financial institutions but also to service providers supporting them and having access to their confidential data.


BioTech & Healthcare


EBRC helps you to deliver better patient care
Thanks to the understanding of the business and the technological issues of the Biotechnology sector, EBRC has developed a professional comprehensive range of Services, from Data Centre Services to ICT Managed Services.




Competitive market conditions put pressure to bring new services and products to the market
EBRC delivers tailored solutions to the specific requirements of e-/m-commerce applications regarding availability, scalability, security and network connectivity allowing to develop a value map of unique practices, processes and expertise in the digital commerce.




Online gaming industry one of the fastest growing industries
In a global marketplace, where gamers need performance, availability, reactivity and fast download capabilities, EBRC is committed in providing its clients with the highest quality of services.




Partnering with EBRC, the most effective path toward moving your business plans forward
Trusted Services guarantee the flexibility and availability your business needs: quality of service, service reliability and stability, security, etc.
EBRC helps to ensure the smooth launch of your business and provide support to meet your specific technological needs.