ICT Management Services

Gartner definition

Management services transfer all or part of the day-to-day management responsibility for a customer’s network environment (including LAN hardware and software, WAN — voice and data — and voice network hardware and software) and, in some cases, the ownership of the technology or personnel assets, to an outside vendor.

These services may include system operation or support, capacity planning, asset management, availability management, performance management, administration, security, remote monitoring, technical diagnostics/troubleshooting, configuration management, system repair management and generation of management reports.

Network remote monitoring and management, and backup and recovery services, also fall into this category when some degree of management is included in the service.


EBRC, ICT operations expert

EBRC is recognised as a Full Managed Services expert in highly critical financial online projects (Banking, e-Commerce, etc.) on a European level. 
EBRC has to staff itself continuously with highly skilled competencies like PCI DSS experts.
Our major challenge is to find adequate resources on time.

A second great challenge faced when delivering added value ICT Managed Services is to ensure the entire alignment of the service with the client’s business model.
Industrialised delivery of this bespoke service is a key point in providing efficient and cost-effective ICT Managed Services.


The focus on providing only the very highest level of service therefore involves:

  • Coaching in ICT Managed Services (Outsourcing)
  • Understanding the Operational Objectives of the client
  • Translating Business Requirements into a supporting architecture
  • Building a mutually acceptable and measureable Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Integration of the risk model into the overall solution
  • Continuous improvement


EBRC Trusted ICT Managed Services support your business development 

  • Expert & certified staffing to advice on high end business solutions, services & architectures
  • High quality structured services (through industrialised processes and integrated ICT Managed Services)
  • Platform efficiency ( Tier IV Design Data Centres, Cloud & physical solutions, data & functions security, solutions and services redundancy)
  • Best practice methodologies
  • VAT, IP advantage and efficiency ranking of Luxembourg
  • Central strategical location in the heart of Europe


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