EBRC E.A.R.T.H. values

Our common Quest for Excellence and Innovation

Excellence We continuously strive to innovate & deliver state-of-the-art Services
Agility We create resilient services to overcome uncertainty
Responsibility We understand our impact on the planet and take initiatives for a sustainable future
Trust We provide confidence through long-term partnerships
Human We are committed to our clients’ success. We build on diversity and team spirit


Our logo: the Inuksuk

Symbol of Hope, Trust & Community

The term "Inuksuk" comes from the Inuit's language and means "something which acts like a human being"
- Inuk = human being
- Suk = substitute, acting on behalf of

An Inuksuk is a structure of stacked stones used as a reference point, reserve and hiding place
- Orientation = Advisory
- Store = Data Center

A highly meaningful pictogram
For Inuit people, Inuksuk represents the work and efforts of a group sharing a common goal: to create a legacy for future generations.
The stones' organisation ensures the balance of the structure.
It refers to encryption, cartography, guidance and the Artic map.
The blue dot forms the heart of the pictogram, representing the values of EBRC's staff. It symbolises a skills centre where humans are promoted, with teams which are comitted, focused on ensuring clients are satisfied and providing them with real added value. 


ebrc EARTH Values

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