A European Centre of Excellence in the management of sensitive information

EBRC offers a global portfolio of services from Tier IV Data Centers to full ICT Managed Services for critical business.

Located in the heart of the political and economic pole of Europe, EBRC serves international companies centered on strategic and global businesses.
Our clients are demanding total transparency, a measurable quality of delivery, and respect of best practices.

The validation of our processes through ISO 20000, the respect of ISO 27001 to ensure the best level of security associated to the Tier IV certifications are the best answers to start a Trusted relationship from Data Centre infrastructure to the management of our client’s information.


Proximity Services

  • Hardware reception, installation, decommissioning, recycling
  • Tape handling (for off-site storage)
  • Hardware reset
  • Support for electrical connection and electrical redundancy
  • Circuit breaker reset
  • Escorted admittance
  • Reporting
  • Console troubleshooting

Download EBRC Hands & Eyes Product Sheet (723 kb)


Interconnection services

  • Advanced services, Patching, Labelling

Download EBRC Interconnection Services Product Sheet (151 kb)


Other services

  • Clocking Services

Download Clocking Services Data Sheet (222 kb)


Facility services

  • Reception area
  • Catering & Kitchen area
  • Private car park
  • Material delivery
  • Unloading docks, goods lift, staging area
  • Office facilities
  • On demand: satellite connectivity


Data Centre Advisory services

Strategic guidance and recommendations about Data Centres, Disaster Recovery sites and or critical operation centres.

  • Physical audit (safety and security aspects)
  • Conception & Design by accredited Tier Designers: plan, design and implementation
  • Data Centre performance & efficiency
  • IT Room Design:
    • CAD design
    • Implementation plan, setup plan, "as built design" plan
    • Power distribution, network and data cabling, racks setup, air flow management …

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