Protecting our planet through innovation

Energy efficiency essential to EBRC EARTH Values

Responsibility - We understand our impact on the planet and take initiatives for a sustainable future  


EBRC Green Data Centres

As business demands increase, so does the number of data center facilities which house a rising amount of powerful IT equipment. In line with its values, EBRC strives for an absolute reduction of our operation carbon footprint.

EBRC European Reliance Centre East: Betzdorf

Wide range of innovative energy efficient solutions for reducing our carbon footprint

Water use optimization
Rainwater harvesting system
Harvesting system of treated water coming out of Betzdorf water treatment plant

High investments making possible to reduce the carbon footprint
Energy efficiency optimization thanks to the use of Kyoto wheels for air conditioning
Improvement of the European Reliance Centre global outcome: 20% better than the former Data Centre generation built in 2007
Cold production running time (compressors, pumps, etc.) reduced to ≈ 500  hours per year
CO2 footprint from air cooling reduced by 1,000 tonnes for 2,400 kW, that is 4,000 tonnes/year at full load

Optimisation of used resources
Free chilling for air cooling
Heat pumps for the office air-conditioning  through the floor
100% green electrical power supply (wind or hydraulic)

Green Cloud

EBRC Trusted Cloud services rely heavily on virtualization, a proven solution to increase energy efficiency through flexibility. Virtualization and cloud computing contribute to eliminate server sprawl and underutilisation. Cloud computing technology together with EBRC Tier IV Data Centers, which are energy efficient and operated with 100% green energy.

Green Managed Services

IT Managed services can facilitate green improvements like travel reduction, intelligent power management, monitor replacement, server consolidation and virtualization, server right-sizing and UPS optimization among others.