Trusted Cloud Factory

The lean business application factory, Cloud leverage DevOps

EBRC in partnership with InTech has launched an end-to-end offer, subset of TrustedCloudEurope, that covers the whole life cycle of an application from development, test, integration, production, operation monitoring to continuous improvement.

Key benefits:

  • Shorten Time-to-Market
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Control cost
  • Enhance reliability
  • Deliver agile solution with the right feature at the right time
  • Reliability

TrustedCloudFactory Data Sheet(388 kb)

TrustedCloudFactory is an end-to-end offer and service, a subset of TrustedCloudEurope, that covers all the life cycle of an application from development, test, integration, production, operation monitoring, to continuous improvement.

The goal is to provide companies the capability to be more agile and reactive to reduce the Time-to-Market and Time-to-Value in developing on demand applications.

TrustedCloudFactory embeds a lean software factory that can be customised with the specific need of each customer and linked to one or multiple production environments. Based on TrustedCloudEurope, the platform provides native security, resilience and flexibility but also a native compliance with regulated compliance with the highest standards: ISO 27001, ISO 20000, PFS (Professional of the Financial Sector), PCI DSS Level 1, ITIL and international security initiatives such as CSA (Cloud Security Alliance).

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It is also recognised as a highly reliable Cloud platform and received two prestigious Europeans awards for its excellence in managing sensitive information:

  • "European Award for Cloud Services 2012" (Data Centre Europe, London)
  • Best Case study Example of Cloud Services for Public Sector 2011 (Eurocloud Europe, Paris)


Thanks to TrustedCloudFactory, clients stay focus on business targets and access their applications development and operation environment through the ready-to-use facilities of TrustedCloudFactory portal:

  • To create a new environment (test, acceptation, production, etc.) within a few minutes
  • To deploy automatically and securely each new version of application at any desired time
  • To set-up automatically the components of the desired environment (Application Server, Data Base, search engine, middleware, etc.)


How can TrustedCloudFactory answers the DevOps challenges ?

Business Managers are looking for value generation.
They also need to be compliant with the regulation (eg: Professional of the Financial Sector by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg), to control the risks and to adapt their know-how through standards and certifications (eg: ISO27001 or PCI DSS Level 1 for e-commerce).
But the Time-to-Market is too often underestimated by the teams, and the expected value level cannot be reached.

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