Cloud Computing Service Providers

Before choosing a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), there are some of the key points you need to consider:

What type of quality and service levels does my provider offer?
Is my provider able to ensure tangible and auditable guarantees (such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000, PCI DSS, ITIL, Tier IV Design, etc.)?

What are the physical conditions of Cloud deployment?

  • What about the physical infrastructures in which my provider operates the Cloud? Are they simply compliant, or fully certified?
  • What kind of architecture has been used to guarantee the availability?
  • Where are my data physically located?

Can I trust the CSP (Cloud Service Provider)?

  • Who is the owner, or shareholder of the company?
  • Is the company stable?
  • Does the company abide by the regulatory initiatives?
  • Does the company train its employees?
  • What kind of certifications, recognitions, reputation and awards do the CSP hold?

Do not trust  off the shelf offers
Opting for a Cloud-based formula means, above all, choosing a type of delivery model, a service level and a partner.
EBRC clearly states the commitments for a Trusted Cloud Computing, and ensures its clients that any adverse risk is assessed.

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