The usage and respect of the PCI DSS referential is required and mandatory in case of a website deployment which includes online selling activities using credit cards. The yearly transaction volume of your business will drive your choice of accreditation, from Level 4 to Level 1.

PCI DSS is an industrial norm defined by Credit Cards companies in order to protect card information and holders.

When does it become useful to use PCI DSS? How to proceed?

The PCI DSS defines a referential to deploy a complete environment within a Cloud infrastructure. EBRC manages and supports clients with Cloud Infrastructure and services meeting the PCI DSS Level 1 requirements. This enables our clients to focus on their core business.  

Take a look, and refer to PCI DSS Cloud Guidelines(1 Mb).

This PCI DSS guide describes all the objectives of the security scope applied to Cloud. Thanks to this approach, EBRC strengthens its expertise and role to manage and secure High Sensitive Information, especially for the e-Business players.

Through Cloud Server Hosting and Virtual Private Cloud combined with full Managed services in its Cloud, EBRC is recognised for its security expertise demonstrated by its accreditation as PCI DSS Level 1.

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