EBRC awarded "HealthCare Advisory Firm - IT"
"Best HealthCare Advisory Firm - IT"                                                                                                             "Best HealthCare Advisory Firm - Organisation & Operations"

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Y. Reding, EBRC CEO & P. Dann, EBRC Head of Risk & Business Advisory Services

We have strengthened our IT security department, both with our “Trusted Security Europe” and our “Advisory Services” offers, explains Yves Reding, EBRC CEO.


Interview of EBRC CEO & EBRC Head of Risk & Business Advisory Services (LG-May 2014) (332 kb)

EBRC Data Centres awarded with the Green IT Award

The jury of 50 CEO from different sectors (industry, public sector, finance, services, etc.) recognised the innovating EBRC Green IT program during the Luxembourg Green Business Summit.

Y. Reding, EBRC CEO and F. Johnsen, CASC Operations Manager

CASC.eu chose EBRC

April 28, 2014

CASC.eu company is booming facing an increasing demand for capacity electricity transmission. To respond to its financial and operational challenges, CASC chooses the EBRC IT services provider.


Interview of F. Johnsen, CASC Operations Manager & Y. Reding, EBRC CEO (LG-April 2014) (490 kb)

EBRC Tier IV Data Centre

Philip Collerton, Uptime Institute Managing Director-EMEA: "EBRC is the unique worldwide service provider to operate with 3 Tier IV Data Centers certified by the Uptime Institute, including a Constructed Facility Fault Tolerant Certification, the third one in Europe. The market should be more attentive: a provider is certified or not!”


Press article (Soluxions-April 2014) (2 Mb)

Philip Collerton, Managing Director EMEA, Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute Network EMEA Spring 2014 Conference, in Luxembourg - 18-20 March, 2014

The 26 members Uptime Institute Network meets twice a year in an EMEA region (Europe, Middle-East or Africa). This year the Conference was held in Luxembourg and hosted by EBRC.


Through its contract with CASC, the central auction office for cross-border transmission capacity for Central Western Europe, EBRC clearly shows its desire to strengthen its position on the European market.


Press article (PaperJam) (316 kb)

Yves Reding, EBRC CEO & Régis Jeandin, EBRC Head of Security Services

Due to the hacking growth, IT security became an omnipresent subject and a real challenge for companies. Even if it is impossible to eradicate all the attacks, there are simple means to reduce and identify them. 


Vital data/ photo: Pierre Matgé

Vital data

March 19, 2014

Data storage is only a link of the total vital chain. For EBRC, the Data Centers management involves a set of high added-value competencies.


Press article (Le Jeudi) (617 kb)