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At the heart of the European economy, EBRC (European Business Reliance Center) answers the business needs of companies while ensuring a maximum of protection for their data through a complete range of services including ultra-secure data centres, the 'Trusted Cloud Europe' cloud computing platform and high-level outsourcing services.

From October 6 to 8 numerous business leaders will go to South Korea and Japan

Enticed by Asian growth

October 09, 2014

Luxembourg business representatives explain what they hope to achieve in South Korea and Japan.

From October 6 to 8 numerous business leaders will go to South Korea and Japan. They told the 'Journal' what they hope to gain from this economic mission. Hans-Joachim Sommer, director of IEE in Contern, a supplier for the automobile industry, has already gone to China. 'Growth is strong in Asia. We have been already active in South Korea and since 2006 also in China and Japan. We want to increase that', he explains. Market leaders like Toyota and Hyundai are among the great Asian producers.

Dossier eSanté Soluxions Magazine Octobre 2014


October 07, 2014


A unique project for its originality, its size and criticality. For the first time, the patient becomes an actor in his own medical treatment and care. The data for the DSP (fr. "dossier soins partagé" i.e. shared medical record, ed.) has been sent to the eHealth platform since January and should be operational by the end of 2014 as part of an initial DSP setup following the assessment of the CNPD.

Yves Reding, CEO EBRC

EBRC has just won three awards in a row for its role in the national project for information sharing in the health sector. The eHealth platform that is the result of this effort hosts among other things the Shared Medical Record (fr. "dossier soins partagé"). This success is the result of close collaboration between the public and private sectors. The know-how acquired by the stakeholders in this process could rapidly be exported to the rest of Europe. 

Yves Reding, CEO, EBRC

A few months ago, EBRC announced a new range of services focused on infrastructure and data security called  Trusted Security Europe. Today, this specialist in the management of sensitive data is ready to implement the new standard ISO 27018 relating to the treatment of personally identifiable information (PII). EBRC, due to its role as a founder within the EUDCA, has closely followed the development of this new standard. Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC and Olivier Antoine, senior consultant and information security officer, explain what's at stake.

Press article ( - Septembre 2014) EBRC : La sécurité, plus que jamais (178 kb)

An e-payment hub

An e-payment hub

July 15, 2014

Equipped with state of the art ICT infrastructure, and boasting top quality skills, Luxembourg has what it takes to position itself as the leading European hub in the field of electronic payment.


Press article (Flydoscope-July 2014-FR version) (154 kb)

Press article (Flydoscope-July 2014-EN version) (146 kb)

S. Gilstrap, AssetLogic CEO & B. Cahoon, AssetLogic Director

Inspired by social networks, AssetLogic has launched an Internet platform based on the same fundamentals, but highly specialised and secured for investment funds actors. The purpose? Linking members of a community who hardly communicate together while the regulation is raging. The ICT partner? EBRC.


Interview of S. Gilstrap, AssetLogic CEO & B. Cahoon, AssetLogic Director (LG-July 2014) (751 kb)

Luxemburg Guide for Quality & Excellence

An Integrated Management System (IMS) combines, within a company, multiple systems or functionalities into a single coherent interactive and integrated system, allowing the staff to work more efficiently in order to achieve a common goal.

Orchestrate all your processes in a single Integrated Management System! (198 kb)