EYnovation and Powered by EBRC: a dynamic vision of innovation


The two companies have distinct profiles and serve different markets, but the same philosophy underlies their approach. Luxembourg provides fertile ground for them. "Some start-ups that have now become major international companies will continue to revolutionise many business areas, says Olivier Lemaire, Head of the Technology, Media and Telecom department who is in charge of the EYnovation programme at EY Luxembourg. Everybody's looking at the rise of FinTechs, but the progress made by RegTechs is just as promising. The country has never been so dynamic!"

Overall, companies face an increasingly complex and evolving environment. They need to innovate constantly, and with the greatest agility, to remain competitive and to adapt. Digital innovation revolutionises existing paradigms and challenges traditional business models. Although these technologies are initially intrinsically linked to digital industries, they have an impact on many sectors, thereby creating new market opportunities for companies as well as threats to existing industries.

"Thanks to our position at the heart of technology, and with the whole planet as a playground, we can identify the companies that will be the established players of tomorrow. For the past six years, we have been supporting entrepreneurs and their dreams of innovative start-ups, with EBRC evolving from a service provider to a business enabler, capable of developing value alongside its clients, explains Jean-François Hugon, Head of Marketing at EBRC. The Powered by EBRC programme targets those who have chosen EBRC because of its multiple certifications, both in terms of infrastructures and services, and our PSF status with all the guarantees it requires in terms of data protection and availability, in order to add a qualitative label to their own solution. The program is free and part of a win-win strategy. The EBRC brand embodies a quality label that is increasingly being recognised at the European level."

Complete support

Through its impact on products, processes and the organisational structure, innovation is in the company's best interest. It helps to respond to the challenges of accelerated market entry, shortened development cycles, high-value-added features or products, and a deeper understanding of client expectations.

"We support managers in identifying, analysing and implementing innovative projects that they want to launch both in the organisation and in their toolkit, based on a strategic vision and implemented through the practical aspects of the company's operations, adds Olivier Lemaire. This includes: identifying and evaluating start-ups, setting up collaborative processes, determining governance and rules for the shared exploitation of future results, the sharing of intellectual property, and so on."

EY also establishes a connection between its clients and start-ups. This approach is beneficial for large companies looking to develop open innovation initiatives with start-ups. The question of the organisational structure to implement or to optimise for better innovation has become central and answering it successfully requires a fair balance between all its components, whether they are incremental, disruptive, a hybrid of both, or technological in nature.

For its part, EBRC has created a catalogue of solutions Powered by EBRC. They include solutions for accessing SaaS applications."These solutions, Powered by EBRC, offer to companies a high level of quality in terms of security, availability and the location of data. The start-ups that have created them can thus make themselves known more quickly, suggests Jean-François Hugon. Innovation is only an option if all the operating guarantees are given and aligned. For these companies, telling their clients that they operate in Data Centres that have never experienced any downtime in seventeen years is certainly a plus!"

A full support proposal

While innovation is at the heart of the support process, it is still necessary to encourage risk-taking while keeping up the demand for results, to accept failures as stepping stones for success, and to centralise certain skill sets while promoting local initiatives. And this is precisely where EY and EBRC converge. Their support proposal is comprehensive: technological and focused on ensuring service availability on EBRC's part, and organisational and operational in the case of EY. "While preserving our independence, we combine our expertise to support companies that we have previously identified and evaluated together", says Olivier Lemaire.

The potential is infinite. While FinTechs currently have a lot going for them, the two players are looking at opportunities in other areas as well, such as Space, where Luxembourg plays an increasingly important role. The Luxembourgish government’s decision to launch an HPC (High Performance Computing) project is therefore certainly not an accident.

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