Digital needs Trust : a digital ecosystem of Trust


With the 4th industrial revolution, a new era begins. An exponential acceleration and fusion of technologies is pushing our society towards new disruptive business models. The revolution is under way, and this implies a real tsunami of parallel technological revolutions : information technology, robotics, cognitive sciences, biotechnology, nanotechnology and so on.

In this framework, EBRC is proud to launch its latest white paper entitled "Digital needs Trust : let's build together a digital ecosystem of Trust".

For a European digital ecosystem built on Trust

This new era of information is fraugt with uncertainties and threats on one hand and tremendous opportunities on the other hand.

Trust is the key to digital development.

As a digital expert, EBRC (European Business Reliance Centre) aims at supporting its clients, partners and stakeholders to cope with this challenge.

EBRC wishes to contribute to build this digital ecosystem of Trust together, through its own ambition : "To become a European centre of excellence in the management of sensitive information".

Note : The English version will be published in 2018.


Téléchargez le livre blanc (VF) (196 kb)



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