PCI DSS specialist for your e-Business projects

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Competitive market conditions put pressure to bring new services and products to the market

EBRC delivers tailored solutions to the specific requirements of e-/m-Commerce applications regarding availability, scalability, security and network connectivity allowing to develop a value map of unique practices, processes and expertise in the digital commerce.


Analysts estimate that e-Business generated more than 1 000 Billion € in 2012 with still strong growth perspectives in the upcoming years.

The e-Business sector, and more generally e-Commerce and e-Payment companies, has to face even higher volumes of transactions requiring flexibility, agility to answer clients’ needs, availability and performance while protecting the critical information.


EBRC operates multiple clients' e-Business infrastructures

  PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard),  ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certified, EBRC as a "Trusted" One-Stop-Shop provider, advises, designs, builds and operates these sensitive platforms and applications


To support these fast growing companies in the development of their activities, EBRC proposes TrustedCloudEurope, Cloud solution aligned with the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) requirements, bringing flexibility and reactivity and allowing a fast and easy Time-to-Market to reach their business goals. 

Strategically based in the heart of European economical area, our clients are able to address 70% of the European GDP in a radius of less than 700 km, relying on the best-in-class TrustedDataCentreServices and international connectivity.


EBRC certifications for e-Business

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