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EBRC Trusted Services guarantee the flexibility and availability your business needs: quality of service, service reliability and stability, security, etc.
EBRC helps to ensure the smooth launch of your business and provide support to meet your specific technological needs.


Protecting and operating sensitive information is a global requirement for all companies which Business Model is based on transforming Data into Value.

EBRC offers a large scope of services, from TrustedDataCentreServices to TrustedManagedServices and TrustedCloudEuropeServices Solutions.

EBRC supports companies in protecting their data assets and in processing the information through tailor-made solutions.

Start-ups need flexibility, reactivity, quick Time-to-Market and Time-to-Value to target new markets and/or businesses.

EBRC thus developed a ready-to-use environment for "new" business, start-up or spin-off, to find the global eco-system necessary to accelerate and support their take-off in a Pay-as-you-grow model.

EBRC  TrustedCloudEuropeServices offers scalable platforms, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) compliant Cloud services.

In partnership with InTech, development applications partner, EBRC developed TrustedCloudFactory, a DevOps platform offering a development, test and production environment combining agility, security, robustness, flexibility and quick Time‐to‐Market.
TrustedCloudFactory has been designed to fit Start‐ups' needs: "Ignition - Cruise - Boost .


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