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EBRC helps health professionals to assure better patient care

Thanks to the understanding of the business and the technological issues in the BioTechnology sector, EBRC has developed a professional comprehensive range of dedicated services, from best-class TrustedDataCentreServices to Cloud and added-value TrustedManagedServices.


BioTechnology for human health improvement is probably one of the most promising sectors of innovation for the next decades.
IT capabilities take a central role in this acceleration, helping team of research with the right capability of processing and storage.
More than other industries, protecting at the highest level the "personal health information", like the DNA information, is vital.


Thanks to a native integration of security in its culture, EBRC provides the best Data Protection services, from TrustedDataCentreServices to TrustedManagedServices and ready-to-use TrustedCloudEurope scalable platform.

Historically, EBRC is recognised as an expert in the protection of Banking data confidentiality.
Today, EBRC ensures the highest level  of security in managing critical information such as personal health data.
EBRC is aligned with the highest international standards ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and PCI DSS Level 1 certifications.


In 2011, EBRC was granted with the Eurocloud Europe award "Best Use Case of Cloud Services for the Public Sector 2011".
This award has been won at an European level, facing 26 european countries.

The jury awarded EBRC with the following motivation:
The TrustedCloud approach of EBRC at Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL) proved very interesting as an open, easy and secure method of access for all the healthcare stakeholders, in a very regulated environment.
It proves that cloud is secure even for the most sensitive information.
EBRC also managed all aspects of the project to speed up its completion and relieve complexity.


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